The colours are to die for …..

Good morning, from a cold but sunny Lowveld, winter is definitely with us, the grass is brown and the trees are bare.

Let these gorgeous jewel colours of the Maxi 10 range of crochet cottons brighten up your day.

Maxi No. 10 are bright and the colours promise to brighten up any winters day

Maxi No. 10 are bright and the colours promise to brighten up any winters day

We had a very busy two weeks, Drama Queen gave up her playroom in order for me to open a shop directly from our home. A lot of time was spent painting, putting up shelves, making curtains and all I really wanted to do was to sit down in the comfy chair and crochet with the new yarns that arrived last week.

Here are a couple of pictures to show off the new Crochetworx shop ….

Hubby built me some gorgeous shelving

Hubby built me some gorgeous shelving

Sock wool used in the lessons I give....

Sock wool used in the lessons I give….

Prym hooks galore

Prym hooks galore

Gorgeous little table to sit  and chat about everything crochet

Gorgeous little table to sit and chat about everything crochet

Boxes and boxes of new stock - EXITING

Boxes and boxes of new stock – EXITING

New yarns going onto the shelves

New yarns going onto the shelves

I am BLESSED beyond measure with a husband that supports me in all my ventures (or is it adventures?). He is a very Handy man and his passion is photography resulting in neat carpentry when required and professional photographs for the online shop.

Hubby taking my pictures for the online shop - BLESSED

Hubby taking my pictures for the online shop – BLESSED

How am I going to get the South African ladies excited about THIN crochet cotton, most of us work in DK and thicker?

I have been drooling and gnashing my teeth with all the lovely Sophie’s Universe blankets being done by everyone. Dedri Uys did an astonishing job on this 20 week CAL and I just couldn’t wait to start my very own Sophie.

My Sophie is not going to be a blanket or a throw she is going to be a very bohemian table cloth made in Mazi 10 cotton with (Delft, Red, Apricot, Peach,Yellow, White, Sage, Wheat, Light Blue and Blue).

Starting my very own Sophie

Starting my very own Sophie

Last night I started on Row 16 of Sophie, but my 2mm Prym hook is too big, I am going to finish this row and then start again on a 1,5mm hook.

Row 16 of Sophie but on a 2mm hook, I think I am going to start again, this time on a 1,5mm hook

Row 16 of Sophie but on a 2mm hook, I think I am going to start again, this time on a 1,5mm hook

I need to get all the sewing finished, my sewing list (covers for the 2 beds and large pillow in the shop, pouf cover for Drama Queens room and the Choir costumes (5 pieces for 30 children each) is eating into my crocheting time.  My mantra is IT WILL GET DONE, IT WILL GET DONE otherwise I might grab the Sophie yarns and escape to the sunshine somewhere far away from my sewing machine.

it will get done ……. it will get done …… it will get done ….

Tyarn!!!! and we had a Market Day

I am happy and truly blessed.  We now have a selection of tyarn in our shop.  The colours are gorgeous and the quality is excellent. This is the tyarn we all know and came to love from Yarn in a Barn – remember to visit their new shop at:

Your Barn @ de Oude Karee
Plot 125, Section 52, Wildebeesthoek
Latitude: -25,668210
Longitude: 28.004760

Tyarn has arrived!!!!!

Tyarn has arrived!!!!!

We picked up the yarn and first went camping with very dear friends of ours – I even sold some tyarn from the trunk of my car and had an in-pronto crochet class – helping the girls with flowers etc using the tyarn and ginormous 16mm hooks also from Yarn in a Barn.


Relaxing with good friends tyarn giving some decoration

Tyarn camping in the Bushveld

Tyarn camping in the Bushveld

We had our first market day on the 6th of June 2015, here are some pictures….. I was always a bit apprehensive about markets – being an exhibitor – will they like my stuff? etc.

No need to worry – the memories of this a bright sunny winters day in White River kept company by Drama Queen is forever written in my heart. She even assisted at the stall – some of the customers were flabbergasted by this 10 year old explaining the pro’s and cons of cotton, bamboo and tyarn, what hooks to use and what items can be made with the different yarns.

Crochetworx is open for business at Jatinga Market :)

Crochetworx is open for business at Jatinga Market 

20150606_09361620150606_093707 20150606_093658 20150606_093638 20150606_093628

We are now waiting for our next consignment of stock to arrive, the Prym hooks have been flying off the shelf and the ladies are keenly awaiting all the delicious colours in Maxi No. 5, 10, 15 and even No. 20.

See you soon when we introduce the new stock.

We are having a school long weekend this week so only back to the grind on Wednesday for us – we will be busy putting up shelves and painting in the new shop ready for the new stock and even more crochet lessons.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

The shop is open for business !!!!

I went on holiday and bought the most beautiful German Crochet Cotton.  A couple of months later I started a tablecloth with this cotton and I needed some more. The only problem NOT AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

A dream was born…….

With unmeasurable Grace from the Lord, the moral support and best ever photographs from my Husband and lost of hugs and kisses from my Drama Queen, I was able to launch my Crochetworx shop today. Follow the link or visit us at

The Maxi no 15 Crochet Cotton are to die for and I cannot wait to open my own set of Prym Crochet hooks.

Maxi No 15 Crochet Cotton - the first five colours

Maxi No 15 Crochet Cotton – the first five colours

When you order 10 balls you also get this luscious packaging

When you order 10 balls you also get this luscious packaging

Prym Wooden Tunisian Hooks

Prym Wooden Tunisian Hooks

Prym Soft Grip Hooks

Prym Soft Grip Hooks

Wishing you a lovely weekend and remember to visit us at the SHOP !!!!

My WIP List – December 2014

In the middle of December 2014 I wrote the following on Facebook:

What have you been up to? The question in the little status block. ….. Mmmm the past couple of months I have been counting off the days towards December, a little bit more time to get a few things done. ……. Yeah right, I have baked biscuits on three occasions these past two weeks, we hardly ever eat biscuits, but it is that time of year, I need to bake again, they do not seam to last, oi the extra inches scare in January awaits.

I need to finish the upholstery (DONE) and new curtains for my husbands caravan project, not urgent but definitely on the TO DO list.

On the Crochet front, you may think I am crazy, but here it goes the dreaded WIP list:

  1. Brilliant white and pink blanket – this was an idea I though would work – looks awful and after 2 years it will be frogged, what am I going to do with that pink? FROGGED – Started a spiky ripple
  2. The flowers in a row-tulip- exam blanket – a beauty I started for myself during my Drama Queens’ exams – I think I will keep it on the WIP list a little longer, she only completed grade 4, plenty of exams left.
    The first few rows - it has grown since :)

    The first few rows – it has grown since 🙂

    One exam later

    One exam later

  3. 4 handbags – I need to figure out those irritating zips in the linings – oh I dread moving in behind the sewing machine
  4. 6 small coin purses – why did I do them round, zips on this small scale is going to be tricky – again me and the sewing machine
  5. 1 button clutch-bag – may more buttons to go, some ideas seems very good but I really get bored with repetitive button sewing by hand because of the scale effect I am looking for, good idea not so nice to complete
  6. 1 stripey as you go blanket for Hubby – started it in June, maybe it will be finished by next winter, to hot for the chunky yarn
  7. White coaster sets – these are coming along nicely, quick to make but I do not like the repetitive nature of the same design the whole time
  8. Cream fleur de lis cover for the red ottoman, top done busy with the sides – will definitely be finished within the next couple of days    DONE

    Fillet ottoman cover

    Fillet ottoman cover

  9. Blues Fleur de Lis filet table cloth – this is longgggggg term project no 15 thread takes ages and I forgot that the other name for filet crochet is counting and frogging
  10. Smokey african flowers top – also a longterm baby – who can I hire to work away all the ends?
  11. T-yarn rug – yesterday I cleaned out my closet and with 15 hook and circular blade I first made my own t-yarn and then started a rug for my workroom, this is hard work, l am a pencil grip hookey girl and this thick pen is killing me, but this rug has no design it is a rectangle granny and the colours appear as I grab a t-shirt and cut it into strips, no hurry but lots of fun, just need to get used to the new grip and arm action:-)

Today we had a rainy day as well as a public holiday – Yippieee no office for one day – how did I spend this glorious day of no office, cool weather and no house chores? Yip you guessed it – crochet hook in hand, I did complete another 4 dishcloths in glorious cotton, and what of the above 11 WIPs – none, nada, nothing, ziltch, zero, me and Megan spent the entire day on my bed. Yes you read it correctly, movie after movie after movie, me starting a new bamboo blocky throw project (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) as well as a turquoise cotton summer, trough, wrappy kind of thingey (FROGGED).

Well there you have it a day spent with the movies, loom bands and company of a ten year-old and starting 2 new WIPs in stead of completing any of the above 11, so well call me crazy, call me silly, but tomorrow I am hunting for that specific shade of blue bamboo to complete my colour combination of the autumn coloured bamboo trow I started this afternoon. And for the rest of December? I know I will have a hook and yarn in hand but what I will be hooking or just may be completing will all depend on what takes my fancy and what I might tackle on my now 13 item WIP list, if I do not get distracted by a nice sunny day or another crazy hooky idea.

For the rest of December and the beginning of the New Year, this FB post re-played itself in my mind over and over again.  It must be one of the many different abbreviated afflictions (ADD, ADHD, etc. etc. etc. I don’t even care if I get the affliction or abbreviation correct), but I love yarn, crochet hooks and all my crochet books. I am not even going to start to mention all the files and files and files of printed patterns or the directory on the laptop filled with inspirational pictures, more patterns and instructions on how to better my crochet skills, the inspiration on Facebook is enormous, Pinterest keeps me drooling for days and Instagram = MIND-BLOWING.

My conclusion at the end of the year…….

It is easier to have a couple of WIPs on the go than have a mind BLOWING (read bursting) with ideas and being frustrated with “I first have to complete, what I am busy with”…..  

Due to the work I do and my normal household, a lot of my life needs to be organised and kept neat and orderly, my WIP list will grow and shrink and breath as I work and complete some of them, start new ones, discard and re-make old ones and do all the small (and sometimes not so small) quick in-between items, crochet is my hobby and my passion, my WIP list can go twice around the globe and to the moon and back as long as I am creative, relaxed by my hookey adventures and enjoy each and every small star, flower sc, dc and hdc or all the big blankets, throws and baskets full of gorgeous yarns and colours.

My December Quick-In-Between-Makes:

Shower Scrubbies

Shower Scrubbies for a client

These scrubbies (Rose pattern found on were so easy to make, two roses worked in two strands dk cotton, two flowers attached back to back. LOVELY

Christmas Angel Tree Topper

Christmas Angel Tree Topper

This gorgeous angel tree topper of was lovely to make and once you have done the head, the rest is a breeze, put it on your list for this December, it will also make lovely gifts to new families starting the Christmas tradition.

Roses for Mum

Roses for Mum

My Mum in Law saw the flowers of the scrubbies and wanted some for her bathroom, quick, easy and hugely gratifying.  Mum made curtain tiebacks with the roses worked onto a piece of very red satin ribbon.

Spring cleaning (rather holiday-at-home-time-cleaning) required a new lampshade cover in Drama Queens playroom, a quick make over Christmas and Boxing Day – green having replaced the pre-10-pink as preferred colour.


Drama Queen Playroom lampshade

A visit to my LYS (local yarn shop), might I add only for the cotton of the scrubbies mentioned earlier, resulted in a small lap blanket for Hubby, the yarn was the last 11 balls and the price was an absolute steal, started on Christmas eve and finished on New Years day, Hubby happy and one less fleece blanket for winter.

I love my long and varied WIP list and will keep you up to date on what I do complete as well as the rest of my crochet adventures – I am thinking of a monthly WIP recap and photo post of my makes.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Now it is official (OK it has been official for a couple of weeks already)

And now it is official (OK it has been official for a couple of weeks already) (Note to self – time flies very fast if you do not keep on top of your blogging), WE HAVE AN ON-LINE SHOP. Yes if you told me a year ago that I would be opening a crochet on-line shop I would have laughed at the idea, well I did it.  In my old-worldly mind a shop involved, premises, stock, rent, employees, insurance etc. etc. etc. I have learned so much from on-line hooky friends from our Ons Hekel group about virtual shops and venturing into the field of internet, the internet is no longer just endless searches for information, it has now become part of my world.  I just need to acclimatize myself to the idea that I now need to be active in this internet world of mine, otherwise it is going to be a very lonely place, without much happening. You can now reach us at a number of different internet locations, these are:




On-line shop:




And what am I selling in this shop of mine, you may ask.  It is easy I sell my crochet makes, listed are bunting strings, a scarf and a few blankets.

Soft and squishy baby blanket

Soft and squishy baby blanket

Cotton Queen Anne Lace Scarf

Cotton Queen Anne Lace Scarf

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny Square baby blanket

Light and Lacey baby Blanket

Light and Lacey baby blanket

Purple and White Bamboo Bunting - reminds we of tiny starfish

Purple and White Bamboo Bunting – reminds me of tiny starfish

White and Silver Star Bunting

White and Silver Star Bunting

In the pipeline I have some handbags, pillows (scatter cushions), coasters and place-mats and any other hooky idea that may take my fancy.

A couple of days ago we reached 500 likes on our Facebook Page, again it amazes me how word get spread around without me physically having to do it.  Thank you so much for this nice new years surprise.

Wishing all of you a happy crafty hookey 2015 and my the yarn be with you.

Liebster Award – Learning something new every day



Oh my word, only one blog post under my belt and Hilda (Yarn in a Barn) hits me with a curve ball.  This nice notice appears in my Facebook feed that I need to respond and upon my inquiry into having to write only my second blog post (I was planning only to write over the weekends) Hilda’s response is that this nomination from her is very intentional. Liebster Award (have a quick look at the post by Lorraine Reguly – Liebster Award at your fingertips, thanks to Auntie Google) is to assist new bloggers like your’s truly to increase traffic to our blogs – Thanks Hilda you are one of my Crochet mentors, you already know how much I love your other blog A Broom for my Brain, now through your initiative I quickly need to learn more about this Blogging thing that crossed my path.

Let’s see how this goes – One is never to old to learn something new – as Ouma Ina (Granny) used to say.

Hilda nominated me for a Liebster Award please go and visit her two blogs Yarn in a Barn and A Broom for my Brain now I have to answer Hilda’s questions. Here it goes:


What is the name of your favourite yarn and why is it your favourite?

I do love Vinnis I have worked with the cotton Vinnis Nikkem (strong and durable) and bamboo Vinnis Serina (shiney and lush) and am hooked. Vinnis also has 178 gorgeous colours to choose from. I do work a lot with Elle Pure Gold, unlike the 100% natural VinnisElle Pure Gold is an acrylic yarn, I love the softness and “squishiness” of it, and it is also a wee bit more affordable since, this girl like BIG projects. A bit more about my BIG projects later.


What is your favourite type of project (clothes, rugs, afghans, etc)?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE blankets (afghans) the bigger the better, the endless rows allows for endless hours of happy hooky.  Last year I did this ripple blanket for my room with Elle Pure Gold Chunky with 70 balls of 100g ea (10 balls ea of the 7 colours) and I used the ripple from Lucy of Attic24.


Drama Queen loves Mommy's blanket here only halfway finished - August 2013

Drama Queen loves Mommy’s blanket here only halfway finished – August 2013


 Is your yarn stash well organised or all over the place?

I am very blessed with a handy husband.  Last year he spoiled me with my very own sewing/craft room.  My yarn stash is organised by make of yarn and weight, i.e. baskets of DK, Chunky etc.

Vinnis has pride of place, next to the crochet top I got married in 13 years ago - Gosh how time flies

Vinnis has pride of place, next to the crochet top I got married in 13 years ago – Gosh how time flies


Is there enough yarn in your stash to make an entire blanket from?

I am an impulsive yarn buyer, if it catches my eye I need to have it.  Because I do not buy with a specific project in mind I tend to buy loads of the same yarn in different colours that catches my fancy, I must confess that I have sent my local suppliers into an “almost meltdown” because from time to time I want a specific colour . Drama Queen’s huge star blanket being an excellent example.  She wanted green and white I had loads of sparkly white but the green was on back order for ages and I only finished it 3 weeks after her birthday (a very late birthday prezzie).


I made sure that DQ will be able to cover all my grand babies only day.

I made sure that DQ will be able to cover all my grand babies one day in the very far future.


What is your favourite hook brand and why?

I do not have a favourite brand as such but I LOVE the soft comfort of the softgrip hooks from Knitpro and since we are a camping family my Lite Hooks from Crazy Daisy Crochet Hooks works very well next to the fire at night.  I also use aluminium hooks from time to time.


What is my happy colour?

I like to work with bright colours Teal, Pinks, Green and Blue, when I want to develop a specific idea I like to grab a cream yarn, the calmness of the cream allows my thoughts to run through the ideas I have without being interrupted by colours.


How many WIPs do you have right now?

I am busy with a WIP workout, a big stripey as you go blanket for Hubby, and cream and pink stripy flowers (tulips) combined with african flowers for myself.  I finished a couple of handbags recently (now the sewing of the linings still qualify these as WIPs).  I avoid sewing as much as I can, but not as much as doing filing, taxes or ironing YUCK.


Where is your favourite hooky place?

My hooky goes everywhere with me. In the car, to the bank, waiting at school, on our holiday travels, everywhere.  I have my favourite kick-out chair in the lounge and there is always at least two WIPs next to it.  Then I also like to sit on my bed (you know the times when you want to have head space, I always run to my bed for my head space hooky).


What two words best describe you?



Need I say more?  Maybe I should revisit this post every year and see how these two words changes.


What do you think will be remembered about you when you are gone?

Ouch, this is a hard one Hilda! I hope my Hubby and DQ will remember how much I love them, why do we do what we do if it is not for our loved ones? My friends will remember the hooky girl, who loved to cook good food as quickly as possible to get back to my hooky, because for the past 20 years I always had some hooky project on each vacation, visit, Braai (BBQ in South Africa), everywhere we went.  Most of my girlfriends received a Anneke (Crochet in Paternoster) twisty neck warmer in Vinnis this year.  Thanks Anneke.


Now I need to nominate a few fellow blog gals, I love following blogs as you can see from my favourites list, and I nominate:


Crazy Daisy Crochet Hooks

Make Me Some Happy

Aan die Haak

Sol Y Sombra



Now what am I going to ask from Hester, Louise, Elsa (Lowveld Neighbour), Ansie and Madeleine?


  1. Who taught you to crochet/knit?
  2. What do you enjoy most working from a pattern, diagram or do your own thing?
  3. What is your favourite crochet stitch patter, i.e. basket weave, shells etc?
  4. Who is your favourite designers?
  5. What do you like to crochet?
  6. Who inspires you?
  7. What is your favourite quote?
  8. Where do you crochet?
  9. Who do you crochet with?
  10. What other crafts do you enjoy?


And now the baton is passed on.

Thank you Hilda, this nomination from you opened my eyes to a whole new world, blogging here I come.


Good night, sleep tight and sweet dreams














Off on a new adventure …

Welcome to my very first blog post.  I have read hundreds but this is my baptism into the cyber world of blogging. What am I going to blog about? Crochet, blessings I experience in my life and the positives I see around me. When am I going to blog? I think for now I should try and blog at least once a week, this will give me time to get my head around the planning of each post, the WIP’s I am working on, life I and my loved ones experience and some of the yummy dinners we may have from time to time (I am so lucky to have a husband who knows his way around the kitchen).  I really need to get my act together in the photography department.

Tonight we are having our first real rain for this season, we are almost at the end of Spring but in our normal warm, humid area of the Lowveld, it is still dry and we still need some more rain desperately.  I read from the northern hemisphere bloggers that they are having a mild autumn, we are having a cold spring.  Nature is ready to burst into life, you hear it in the mornings and there is a feeling of expectancy in the birds and plants.

Well, after spending HOURS tonight getting this blog up and running (now I understand the look of dismay when I ask my system developers to QUICKLY change a dataset or modify our software applications, sorry guys, next time I will ask it early in the morning to give you a bit more time 🙂 ) I am now going to sit and have a short bit of hooky before I call it a day.

Thank you for visiting, see you soon